Top Four Modern Day Artists from Russia

Over the years, there has been a massive boom in the world of contemporary art in Russia. From Moscow to St.Petersburg and all other significant exhibition spaces in the world, Russian artists have put up a good show of artistic talent. Russia has always had their claims in the world of art, and has not stopped producing talents with diverse artistic expressions. Let’s take a look at some of the modern day contemporary artists from Russia.

Anna Parkina

Anna views the world in a state of flux and loves to explore the effect of the current society on human beings and how they react to their modern environment.She has been in the art business right from the period of Russian constructivism and has worked with leading artists like Alexander Rodchenko.She is well influenced by Alexander but has found a way to blend both periods with the contemporary art of today. Ana  uses novel styles that are influenced by a lot of art mediums. She loves to show off the current situations happening in the society, and her art represents the yearnings and behavior of the common man.

Dmitry Shorin

Dmitry Shorin is a Russian contemporary artist that is seriously pushing the art industry forward in Russia. Dmitry was born in Novosibirsk in 1971 and studied costume design at the M.Gorkey Teaching Institute in Omsk. He now lives in St. Petersburg and is a prominent member of the UNESCO International Federation of Art. He majors in painting and his works are significantly influenced by the mass media and photography. He is focused on the female form and even tried out a little sculpting which has risen to become some of his best works.He is responsible for the series of dramatic sculptures portraying young women with jet-like planes for wings. These sculptures expose the limitations of the human body despite being in the ever advancing age of technology.

Erik Bulatov

Eric is the son of the famous communist party official who died in the world war II. He fled with his mother to Poland from where he was in support of the Russian Revolution. Eric has risen from all these trying times to become one of the iconic living artists in Russia today. His works have been displayed in almost all the important exhibition of the 20th-century art in Russia and even abroad.

His style focuses on the Soviet reality and why it is surprisingly absurd. His paintings are usually inspired by political art although you may find it difficult to identify the political ideology behind each one. He is well known when it comes to the history of the Russian revolution and has used his knowledge to redefine the Russian contemporary art we know today.

Erik Bulatov




Marina Federovna

An award-winning contemporary artist, Marian was born in 1892 and studied at the Mukhina Art Academy in St. Petersburg. She now lives and works from the Northern city. Marina combines fashion and art in a magnificent display of perseverance, details, and talent. She has previously participated in plenty art fairs and exhibition and has even received international acclaim for her solo exhibitions.