Three Great Museums in Russia

One of the places where you will find a wealth of exquisite art and craft is Russia. There are hundreds of museums in Moscow and St Petersburg that houses arts and crafts that date hundreds of years back. You will find the best contemporary Russian icons, paintings, sculptures, graphics, jewellery and various amazing objects of arts. Come on board as we take you through three most amazing art museums you can find in Russia.

Faberge Museum St Petersburg

The Faberge museum of art was commission by the popular act Viktor Vekselberg, who is known for his “staggering act of altruism”. The museum was established in 2004 and debuted the link between times cultural and historical foundation. This foundation came on board with the idea of bringing back Russian cultural significant artefacts and artworks to be displayed to the public in Russia. The core of this museum’s collections is the nine Faberge eggs and was purchased by Viktor from an American entrepreneur Malcolm Forbes at the cost of $100 million in 2014.

The historical restoration of the 4,700-square meter Shuvalov Palace kicked off in 2006 and was completed 7 years later. At a point in the project, over 300 specialists were contracted to ensure that the desired result is achieved. This is the full restoration process that has happened in 200 years of history. The palace was restored and adapted as a museum and it stands today on the banks of the Fontanka River as a living link to the imperial history of both St Petersburg and Russia.

The museum displays over 4,000 exhibits in 12 beautifully restored halls according to the history and type of the exhibit. The display exhumes a strong feeling of artistry and opulence which consumes the visitors that enters the hall. In the blue room that stands in the centre of the Shuvalov Palace is the where Easter eggs by Faberge are laid. Each one of the egg is a unique piece of artistry and design. Also exhibited in this museum is the unique Russian artefact of the Romanovs, showing their reigns and personal lives.

The Museum of Applied Art, Saint Petersburg

The museum of applied art in St Petersburg was founded in 1878 as a facet of the Baron Stieglitz School of Technical drawing was grew into the Artistic Industrial Academy in the 20th century. The building of the museum is an artistic masterpiece and was designed in the eclectic style by architect Maximilian Messmacher basically for the purpose of housing museum collections. The building has a huge Grand Hall and incorporated an impressive glass roof. It was recently restored and is still one of the best stores of the Russian arts.

The Great Museum of Porcelain

The very first museum of porcelain was commissioned in 1844 on the command of Nicholas to mark the centenary celebration of the imperial porcelain factory. Most of the artefacts in this museum were collected from the stores of winter palace and royal household objects. During the reign of Alexander III, it was a law o set out the original copy of every piece of art produced by the factory for the museum collection. The museum was emptied during the world wars, and its collections have reduced drastically. But you will still find amazing works of art there today.