Popular Russian Actresses

One of the positive stereotypes about Russia is that its women happen to be particularly beautiful. This seems claim seems to be backed up heavily by the incredible amount of stellar modeling talent that stems from the country, its sporting heroines who also happen to be good looking, and also its selection of actresses who manage to break into the industry. This last part is particularly tough since obviously the heart of film is Hollywood, which is on the far side of America and the countries still have an icy relationship. Despite this there are still those who make it over seas and are no doubt bolstered by their already screen ready faces and bodies. Here is a selection of some you may have seen popping up in popular films.

Yuliya Snigir

This dark haired vixen has the quintessential look about her, a pretty yet devious face, dark features and dazzling blue eyes. Dipping her toes in the acting waters thanks to a Russian sci-fi she quickly went for bigger roles, securing a place alongside action icon Bruce Willis in A Good Day To Die Hard. Now with ongoing roles in TV she has cemented herself as a worthy actress.

Gia Skova

Former model Gia Skova has a fairly innocent look about her. Between her blonde curls, dimples and defined cheekbones its no wonder that people wanted to put her on the cover of magazines and now onto celluloid. Starting her career in the short film Finding Beauty In The Beast, she has managed to sustain constant roles in ever increasing Hollywood films. Thanks to her innocent allure she is perfectly cast in horror films and has performed well in both 2015’s Muck and last years Mara alongside Ukranian superstar actress Olga Kurylenko.

Svetlana Khodchenkova

From Moscow this mousy haired actress has a plain yet pretty look about her which makes her ideal for fitting into almost any role. With several film and television credits under her belt her big break no doubt came when she starred in the huge 2011 spy thriller Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy which starred huge Hollywood royalty like Gary Oldman, Colin Firth and John Hurt. This Oscar nominated and BAFTA winning film no doubt put her on the map and two years later she was back in another big name film, this time The Wolverine. Becoming the villainous Viper squaring of against Hugh Jackman as the title character, she used her skills to become seductive as well as deadly in this action sequel.

Irina Voronina

Actually, heading to the US for modeling Irina worked her way onto the set of some much loved comedies and eventually wound up with several credits from TV shows to cult comedies. From some uncredited roles in the huge American TV show Entourage she then took on a role in the hilarious MadTV where some of the greatest modern comedians cut their teeth. With campy horror Piranha 3DD and the highly praised Netflix show 13 Reasons Why on her credits, there is no stopping this varied actress’s career.