In recent time, we have witnessed a boom in Russia’s contemporary art scene, from Moscow to St. Petersburg and exhibition spaces from across the globe. Russian artists are now showcased in increasing number of institutions, and this is a compelling evidence of how much the Eastern bloc has come when it comes to transforming approach to artistic expression. The Russian art scene has a bit of a history; a lot of Russian artists have thrilled the world with their aesthetic creativity. Russia has a lot of artistic genius, greats, and legend in the world of art. Here are some of the great Russian artists.


Ivan Kramskoy is a famous Russian painter born in 1837; regarded as one of the leading reformists in the Russian art, he is popularly known for his anti-academic activities, that promote the benefit of the development of the young artist, he was the proprietor and founder of TPHV. The reform of Kramskoi is the beginning of art culture, and it opened up the truth of life in the art to the teeming masses. Ivan is a remarkable master of portrait genre, and he wrote quite some famous portraits like Mikhail Nekrasov, Leo Tolstoy, Sofia Nikolaevna Kramskoi, Ivan Shishkin, beautiful stranger portrait, Unknown Woman portrait, AD Litovchenko among others. His well-known painting of Christ in the desert caused a storm of emotion and controversies about it did not subside. In the picture, Kramskoi was looking to show the situation for a moral choice with no deviation from the chosen path. Kramskoi gained vast popularity for this once; he is often entrusted to order a portrait. The portraits of his hands are always becoming more expensive during his lifetime. He died in 1887.


Vasily’s paintings are usually embedded with real-life tragedy: the old parents on the grave of their son is a touching picture about the plight of three children. One of his famous picture of Tea in Mytishchi, and the Arrival of the Investigation, Arrival of a New Governess in a Merchant’s House, Last Tavern at the Outpost are outstanding works of the artist. A painting that cannot be forgotten is the painting of Hunters at rest which is considered all hunters love the most discussed and. Most of his early work infused accusatory perception, presenting fantastic cartoon of the time involving a clergy. Russian artist itinerant Perovmore than anyone else showcased his actions with the spirit of creative choice and freedom.


The pictures of the renowned artist entirely different when it comes to its directions in fine art. Repin has painted a lot of great genre pictures which received massive popularity among contemporaries and this has made a dominating impression in public. He painted many etudes which in consequence used for a painting that is well accustomed to him – The Barge Haulers on the Volga by Repin. After his work, he got more popular, and Ivan Groznyi and his son Ivan worked faithfully with him.