Five Great Art Galleries in Russia

Are you in Russia and you are looking to visit a gallery? Sit back and relax as we bring you to you a rundown of five amazing galleries where you can go for a good time.

Solyanka VPA

This amazing gallery was founded in 1988 and is hidden inside a beautiful neoclassical building. The state gallery for Solyanka is located at the heart of the city and is just a five minute-walk from the Kremlin. Items displayed here are the classical works of Russian artists, unique pieces from private collections and artistic displays from upcoming artists. You will find an artistic run-space that gives priority to performance art, videos, and animations. The annual performance festival PYRFYR is held at this gallery and the place has its own outstanding performance school plus a collection of wonderful educational projects.


Art4 was founded in the year 2007 by Igor Markin and became the first gallery of contemporary art to be opened in the city of Moscow. The gallery houses an impressive conglomerate of over 1500 works of art by popular Russian artists like Oleg Kulik, Ilya Kabakov, Mamyshev-Monroe and over 150 others. The gallery reinvented itself and was known as the “the gallery that sells art” in December 2015. About six months later, it launched an online auction sale site for contemporary Russian art. This place is worth visiting, even if you don’t want to buy. There are lots of interesting exhibitions and a new solo exhibition is dedicated to an artist every month to celebrate his collections.

MSK Eastside

This amazing gallery was commissioned in 2013 by a team of international artists which includes gallerist Wildrik Batjes, photographer Ja’Kaghado, and artist Zak Kaghado. The commission was a success and in late 2016, another gallery was opened right in the centre of Moscow. The gallery exhibits works of art by various young artists. If you want to discover new names and find out the emerging trends in photography, contemporary painting, and installation, then this is the place to be.

The Lumiere Brothers Centre for Photography

For lovers of amazing photography, The Lumiere brother’s centre for photography dedicates over 1000 square meters of exhibition spaces to 20th– century Russian and foreign photography. This gallery is located at the hippest cultural centre in Moscow and has been dubbed as the centre of gravity for all photography lovers. You will get to admire breath-taking expositions, watch a ground-breaking documentary and even buy a unique book on photography.

Regina Gallery Moscow

The Regina gallery is one of the oldest and most influential art museum and exhibition centre in Moscow. This beautiful place of art was founded by Regina and Vladimir Ovcharenko in the year 1990. From its birth, the gallery is renowned for promoting contemporary art, exposing exciting public projects and partnering with the leading Russian and foreign artist. The gallery is known for always having an interesting exhibition and showcases the best art shows in Moscow year in year out. If you ever find yourself in Moscow and you want to have a feel of the Russian art, the Winzavod art district is the right place to go for you to see the Regina gallery.