Amazing Russian Sites Whatever The Weather

Russia is well known for the incredible buildings it holds within its borders, thanks to the impressive architectural prowess of designers and builders in the past the country has attracted visitors from all over the globe who come to marvel at its creations. Whether you are a lover of design or a fan of natural sites, Russia can make you stare in awe no matter the sight or season it seems. Maybe its because the weather is commonly icy here or maybe its because both natural and man-made wonders are so impressive they don’t need a perfect day to look good, whatever the reason here are some places to visit you won’t regret no matter the season.

Moscow Metro

You may end up stumbling across the capital’s underground by pure necessity, but this doesn’t make it any less impressive. Thanks to being indoors and enclosed the many photo worthy areas and sites here are uninterrupted by the weather outdoors. Heading into the tunnels here you will quickly notice how elaborate some of the décor is, probably in contrast to some of the areas which seem minimal and impressively clean. In between these open arched spaces you will find elaborate ornate ceilings, grand life size sculptures and huge palatial corridors. Riding the train has never been so regal.

Red Square

It makes every list of must-see things for a reason; this enormous open public area is flanked by some of the most iconic buildings in the country. This is one of the places that never seems too look unsightly, the huge coloured bricks and tiles that make up the walls and spires here seem splendid no matter when you view them. Come see this place in summer as the sunlight makes the colours more vivid, or head here in the snowy cold to see them coated in a fairy tale layer of white. The square looks radiant in the day and magical when lit at night, begging you to return to see it once more.

Peterhof Grand Palace
Peterhof Grand Palace

Peterhof Grand Palace

Another unforgettable site. This sequence of palaces is bolstered by incredible gardens and sits neatly on the Neva river. The buildings here look nothing short of magnificent and retain that glory all year round. If you come in the height of summer you will see the gardens flourishing with green, and the glimmering golden statues that decorate the fountain out front will be almost blinding. Come in the cold and everything somehow looks just as impressive, with every layer of the buildings design given a snowy finish and each hedge dusted just as equally, a whole new feeling is given to this jaw dropping destination.

Kislovodsk National Park

It isn’t just the buildings here that will give you positive pause. Russia has nature in abundance and the Kislovodsk National Park displays this well. Walk the pathways below or jump in a sky car to get a look from up top as you observe miles of nature. Here you can enjoy the hills, mountains, rivers and greenery whether they are sun-soaked or ivory coated and get up close and personal with the local wildlife.